What are the failures of using the Sawdust Pallet Block Machine improperly?

wood pallet blocks
The sawdust pallet block machine is a piece of large-volume production equipment for wooden pallet blocks production. The machine is easy to use and reduces the production cost to a great extent.

The production process of sawdust blocks is a new type of product that is finally formed by crushing, drying, drying, mixing, extrusion, and cutting of logs and branches. The use of sawdust pallet blocks is a response to an environmentally friendly society.

The strength of sawdust blocks made under high temperature and high-pressure conditions is comparable to ordinary solid wood. Its appearance is smooth and clean. After packaging, it can improve the quality of the entire product.

wood pallet blocks processing plant
wood pallet blocks processing plant

The main advantages of this kind of sawdust pallet block are no fumigation, low price, simple production process, large output, easy cutting, and strong carrying capacity. In addition, processing such pallet blocks can effectively use waste materials and save a lot of forestry resources.

The pallet block equipment is a piece of large-volume production equipment for wooden pallet blocks. The machine is easy to use and reduces the production cost to a great extent. However, there are some precautions that need to be paid attention to when using the machine.

high-quality pallet block machine for exporting
high-quality pallet block machine for exporting

We have summarized some common faults and solutions of sawdust pallet block machined, and hope to help you.

  • When the pallet block machine was put into trial operation, its output could not meet the demand. The reason for this problem is due to the excessive humidity of the materials that are bonded to each other, which affects the flow rate of the materials, resulting in a small output. Adjustment method: adjust the angle of the eccentric block, reduce the size of the spherical top plate, and increase the material flow channel area.
  • When the machine is working, abnormal noise occurs in the operation of its hopper. Solution: Check the pallet block equipment in time and tighten the mounting bolts of the vibration motor and other fastener bolts. If it is found that the hopper is in contact with surrounding equipment and bumps, the installation of the hopper body should be adjusted in time to ensure that the gap between the hopper body and the surrounding equipment and objects is not less than 50mm.
  • The seal between the fixed flange of the sawdust pallet block machine and the hopper body is leaking. The reason for this situation is that the sealing ring and the sealing canvas are damaged or tightened. Solution: Replace the sealing ring and sealing canvas in time, and tighten the belt.
  • Before starting the tray block equipment, carefully observe the status of the equipment. Pay attention to the debugging of other parts of the equipment to ensure that the equipment is working normally under safe and non-abnormal conditions.

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