Which wood shavings are best for chicken farms?

wood shavings for chicken bedding
The choice of litter for chicken farms is very important. Wood shavings are the best litter chosen by many farmers.

The choice of litter for chicken farms is very important. Wood shavings are the best litter chosen by many farmers. High-quality wood shavings litter not only helps keep the chicken house clean and tidy but also promotes the rapid growth of chickens, which is very beneficial to farmers. Commonly used litter materials for chicken farms are wood shavings, wheat straw, straw, sawdust, and sand. Various types of litter materials have different characteristics. When choosing bedding materials for chicken houses, it is best for farmers to choose a mixture of different bedding materials.

Types of litter for chicken farms

  1. Wood shavings. Wood shavings have good hygroscopicity and degradability, which can keep the chicken house in a good dry and wet balance. Wood shavings are currently widely used in chicken farms of all sizes, especially many South African customers who buy wood shaving machines from our factory. They all apply the wood shavings produced to chicken farms.
  2. Wheat straw and straw. Straw is generally used after cutting. The dried straw is soft and hygroscopic. However, the degradation rate of straw is slower than that of wood shavings, and it is easy to ferment and produce heat, so it is not suitable to be used alone. Straw is best mixed with wood shavings in a ratio of 1:1.
  3. Rice husk. The rice husk is loose and easy to use. However, rice husk is slightly less hygroscopic, so it is best to mix it with other bedding materials. In addition, because the rice husk is easy to spread, easy to turn after use, and easy to remove, its application is also very wide.
  4. Sand. Sand is usually used on cement floors in arid or desert areas. When laying sand in the chicken house, pay attention to the thickness of the new sand not to be too high, so as not to affect the daily actions of the chickens.
wood shavings production
wood shavings production

The role of wood shavings used in chicken farms

For chicken farms, wood shavings have many important functions. The quality of wood shavings will directly affect the performance of chickens. Generally, the main functions of wood shavings in chicken farms are: (1) absorb the water in chicken manure; (2) protect the chicken body clean and tidy; (3) keep the chicken warm in winter; (4) prevent broiler chickens from squatting Muscle cysts occur at the end; (5) Adsorb and buffer harmful gases decomposed by chicken manure.